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Technical requirements relating to design, construction and installation of spiral staircases.

The design of all staircases, spiral or otherwise, is governed by Part K of Building Regulations. However, paragraph 1.21 of Part K states that spiral and helical staircases comply with Building Regulations if they are designed to comply with British Standard BS5395 part II (Code of practice for the design of helical and spiral stairs 1984).

In essence this means a greater degree of flexibility in design than using the criteria for tapered treads laid down in Part K, particularly with regard to intermediate and floor level landings, inner goings and numbers of risers per flight. In addition to this, parts B (Means of Escape) and M (Access for Disabled) of Building Regulations also apply to spiral stairs in certain situations.

External stairways over six metres in height may also require weather protection, such as balustrade panels and canopy roofing. Please consult with our Technical Department for further advice on all aspects of Building Regulations.

We strongly recommend that all customers liaise with their local authority Building Control department or District Surveyor to ascertain the exact requirement for the individual situation.

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