Baroque Architectural

Baroque Architectural

Bankside Fitness Centre

Bankside Fitness Centre. Southwark, London.

A stunning installation of 3 bespoke staircases and clamped structural glass balustrade in this prestigious fitness centre close to the Tate Modern and the Globe Theatre in central London.

Spiral staircase

A spiral staircase with white powder coated, steel structure, stainless steel balustrade and American black walnut treads and handrail winds up from the entrance foyer while an elegant steel and glass staircase with a beautiful curved 'hairpin turn' half landing leads down to the reception area. With laminated, toughened glass treads and 15mm thick toughened glass balustrade clamped in the steel structure and topped off with an American walnut handrail expertly jointed to form a continuous line with the void edge protection.

Hairpin staircase

A wider, straight stair of the same specification completes the trio leading down to the fitness room from the mezzanine floor which is surrounded by toughened glass balustrade clamped in steel and supporting the same American walnut handrail used throughout the building.

Baroque Architectural produced fully detailed working drawings from the architect's outline design and specification and pre-fabricated all three staircases in our Telford workshop before dismantling and finally installing on site along with the extensive mezzanine floor balustrade.

The Bankside Fitness Centre Straight staircase from behind Hairpin staircase from below Spiral staircase wide view Hairpin staircase top Hairpin staircase from above Hairpin staircase from below Close up of the specially shaped glass Long glass balustrade Spiral staircase from below Straight staircase Spiral staircase top

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